Allisons' Apiaries

The honey A Lifestyle Meal uses comes from Allisons' Apiaries Honey Farm. Allisons' Apiaries honey is local, raw, uncooked, unfiltered, and not tampered with. Allisons' Apiaries honey goes right from the beehive to the bottle, locking in a delicious and natural set of unique flavors mixed by the bees themselves as they go from bloom to bloom.

Allisons' Apiaries Local Raw Honey

Bekemeyer Family Farm

A Lifestyle Meal vegetable and fruit ingredients come from Bekemeyer Family Farm. Bekemeyer Family Farm is an air conditioned farm stand offering pre-picked fruits and fresh vegetables such as U-Pick strawberries, blueberries and peaches. Most of these wholesome products are grown on the Bekemeyer farm in a vertical hydroponics system utilizing only safe and environmentally friendly pest/disease control products only when needed. 

Bekemeyer Family Farm, LLC

Tres Amigos Salsa

A Lifestyle Meal features Tres Amigos Salsa. Tres Amigos Salsa is an all-natural salsa made with the freshest, locally-sourced produce ingredients. Tres Amigos salsa comes in three varieties:  Tres Amigos Salsa, Tres Amigos HOT Salsa, and Tres Amigos Salsa Verde

Tres Amigos Salsa Made with Fresh Ingredients - Photo Credit: Brett Dault, Editor, The Winter Garden Magazine

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