• What is A LifeStyle Meal?

We are a team of foodies dedicated to providing Fresh, Flavorful and nutritionally balanced healthy meals delivered to your door. With all the fast pace LifeStyles that we live today, it is getting more difficult to find the time to prepare a healthy meal. We offer a Fresh and Flavorful alternative to those processed fast foods. Whether you’re on Vacation, too busy at work to go out to lunch, a working parent with kids in after school activities, or a couple or individual finding it difficult to only cook for one or two, we are the convenient alternative.” If it’s your lifestyle, it’s our meals”

  • Where are you located?

We are located at 151 W. HWY 50 Clermont, Florida.

  • How do I get started?

It is simple. Enter your ZIP code to verify that we deliver to your area. Select the meals that you would like. Choose your delivery date. Make sure that you put in any access codes, and your property managers contact information so that we can gain access to place the meals in your refrigerator Then follow the prompts to check out and choose delivery date. You will receive a confirmation with the delivery date that you have chosen.

  • How long can I keep my meals before eating?

Generally, 4-5 days depending on the meals. There is an “Best by Date” on each meal. We recommend ordering twice a week to ensure the freshness

  • Can I freeze my meal?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. Your meals have been delivered to you with ingredients that are fresh. To ensure the freshest and the most flavorful meals, please do not freeze.

  • How do I cook my meal?

All your meals come with simple heating instruction for the oven. Inorder to make it easier to serve your meals at one time, every item is cooked at the same temperature,but with different time intervals. Internal temperature should reach 165 degrees in each case. 

  • Do you use all organic ingredients?

While we would like to say yes, we cannot. We use organic when possible, but the supply chain can sometimes be limited. With that said, we do provide organic ingredients when the item falls on the “Dirty Dozen List”, and when we are able to source.

  • Where can I find the ingredients and the nutritional values of your meals?

You can find the ingredients and nutritional values on each of our meals containers. The MACROS are also listed on each menu item on the website.

  • Are your meals GMO Free?

As with organic ingredients, we source the cleanest products available. Our meals are hormone free and have no added preservatives. The market is demanding more GMO-free products and the supply chain is answering with more and more available GMO-free ingredients. As the sources are becoming available, we are adding them to our supply chain.

  • Where are my meals made?

Each meal is made to order in our own commissary located in Ocoee Fl

  • Are your meals gluten free?

Each menu item lists the possible allergens in each meal. You can use the sort feature to find our gluten-free meals.

  • What do I do if I am not happy with a meal?

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Just contact us from the Contact Us page, give us a brief description of why you were not happy and your will receive a credit on your next order.



Deliver Questions

  • How does delivery work?

After you set up your account, simply choose the meals you would like to order and the delivery date options. In most cases we already have access codes to your rental from many of the property managers, but remember to provide the information at check out.We deliver between 3-6 PM on the scheduled delivery dates you choose, and you will be notified via email or text that your meals have been delivered. For your convenience we will remind you of your delivery date the night before.

  • Where do you deliver?

Simply enter your Zip code in the delivery area Que to see if we deliver to your area. Please request a new delivery area VIA our contact page and we may still be able to still deliver in your area.

  • How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery is $15.00 with not minimum order to our delivery area. Enter your ZIP code when prompted to see if we deliver to your area.

  • What days do you deliver and cutoff order dates and changes?

We deliver every day between 3 and 6 pm. Our leadtime is 2 and a half days. i.e. If your order by 12 noon, the meals will be delivered on Wednesday. After 12 noon. it will be delivered on Thursday.

  • What do I do if I received the wrong meals or didn’t get my delivery?

Please contact us immediately. We are human. In the unlikely event you do not receive your order, we will offer a refund or deliver the next day. If for some reason we could not deliver you meal, it will be brought back to our location so meals could still be delivered.

  • Do I need to be home for you to deliver my meals?

No. You will be notified of their arrival via text or email





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